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To My Website About the Truth of AIDS

This website for now is about AIDS. At the moment it isnt finish but fefeel free to browse around and to visit every week as new information comes in. This website willl talk about AIDS and the myths, theories, facts, statistics, claimed cures and more. Right now I will tell you what AIDS is.


Myth #1
Aids kill
I know your probably thinking wait that ain't a myth but thats where this website comes in and tells you the truth. As I told you earlier AIDS weakens your destroys T cells causing your immune system to get very weak and vulnerable. This makes it where you can catch many AIDS related diseases. The diseases that AIDS causes kill but not AIDS alone.


Having sexual intercourse with a virgin or baby will rid you of AIDS.
The truth is that there is no way this could be true. What is so differant about a virgin to a non-virgin that it could cure Aids? There is no cure in a virgin otherwise how are babies born with AIDS?. It is a very sad myth. About 1 in 20 cases of rape are caused because of this myth. This myth has gotten so out of hand that dads are raping their own daughters. As young as 14 month old babies are getting raped. Not only can the scar a little girl it also leaves them with the AIDS virus. If you believ this myth or anyone that does please change your mind. I mean should a cure be found by affecting little girl

Myth #3

Taking birth control will help in the prevention of AIDS.
Does anyone seriously believe that? Look at the title its called "Birth" "Control". It prevents BIRTH not AIDS! Birth control blocks the luteinizing hormone (which releases eggs aka ovolation) release. All it means is that the male sperm doesn't reach the females sperm fertilizing the egg. Thats all birth control does, it is not a miracle cure.

Myth #4

It is good to take HIV medication if you are pregnant so your unborn baby won't catch the HIV/AIDS virus.
No drug can prevent HIV otherwise there would be no fear of HIV spreading. Only fate that declares your child in my opinion. The medication has a risk 25% of babies can be born with aneima, bone marrow, cancer, and other borth defects. The mom can also be affected. For more information you can go to

Myth #5

AIDS is a gay disease.
Then why are there so many people who aren't gay have AIDS? Anyone can get it.... Even you! you can get from from using infected needles, havin sexual intercourse with anyone of any gender, type, etc., you can be born with it. There are so many possibilites in getting it. Yeah its true gays can get Aid but its the same chance as straights also. I can see why people believe this though, according to 90% of all AIDS sufferers are either "homosexuals, bisexuals, or intravenous drug users" and hetrosexuals make up only 5%. The other 5% are from blood transfusions, etc., but it shows AIDS is a variety disease.

Myth #6

The goverment isn't tryin to defeat AIDS.
This is very false. According to they claim that the New York times spent close to $1.6 billion to defeat AIDS. As I was reading on in this document I saw a section where it says the goverment doesn't pay nearly as much for all kinds of cancers. Even though more people are dying from AIDS related diseases.

Myth # 7
Most sexually active teens get tested for HIV/AIDS
25% of teens reprot having been tested for AIDS/HIV while 29% report having being tested for other STDs"( which shows 80% of teens do not test themselves which shows that there could be many teens messing around while being infected with STDs and not knowing it.

Myth #8

Taking HIV medication before you devolp the symptoms is the best way to go.
Well do you take flu medicine if your feeling fine? Do you get perscription medicine if you don't need it? Then why is there an exception for this? According to many people died from taking medicine when not necessary already.


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